Some of our Top Medical Consultants do not Like Paying Tax. They like their Porche and Lifestyles?

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On the list Motor dealer and medical consultant top the tax defaulters’ list for first quarter of 2021

Thirty cases have been published today in which €21,371,188 is the total settlement amount

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June 15 2021 06:06 PM

The Revenue Commissioners have published their list of tax defaulters for the first quarter of 2021. 

Figures show 30 cases have where €21,371,188 is the total settlement amount.

Sixteen cases were for amounts over €100,000, of which five exceeded €500,000 and three were more than €1 million.

In ten cases the settlement was not fully paid as of March 31 and €13,811,898 was the amount unpaid.

The Revenue added that in some cases, collection/recovery of the full unpaid amount will not be possible because of company liquidation for example.

James Joseph Daly of 13 Grays Meadow, Cloghan, Co Offaly listed as a motor vehicle dealer, was hit with a tax demand for €4,577,954 for non-declaration of Income Tax and VAT.

However, with €2,556,067 in interest and €4,577,954 in penalties, the total comes to €11,711,975.

Medical consultant Ray Sean McDermott, 12 Beacon Consultants Clinic, Sandyford, Dublin 18 was found to have under-declared income tax and owed €593,644.45.

But with €301,172.62 in interest and €171,037.85 in penalties that total comes to €1,065,854.92 of which €523,923.10 remained outstanding as of March 31.

Metal component manufacturers Ohshima Ireland Limited, 9 Woodford Court, Woodford Business Park, in Santry, Dublin 9. was found to have under-declared Corporation Tax, PAYE/PRSI/USC and VAT) and owed tax of €2,516,643.75.

But with €737,100.36 in interest and €748,957.88 penalties that figure rises to €4,002,701.99.

Details were also published where a fine or other Court penalty was imposed in respect of tax or duty offences.

Court penalties may include imprisonment, partly suspended or suspended sentences, community service in lieu of imprisonment, and closure orders.

There were 44 such cases published today with €106,067 in court fines imposed.

These include: 11 cases relating to failing to lodge tax returns, producing an incorrect invoice/document and claiming tax relief to which the taxpayer was not entitled.

Court fines totalling €26,250 and two 18-month sentences, both with six months fully suspended, were imposed.

There were also 23 cases of misuse of marked mineral oil and one case of oil laundering in respect of which Court fines totalling €67,501 and one 12-month sentence, suspended for two years were imposed.

There were six cases of excise offences for tobacco smuggling, illegal selling of tobacco and failure to hold a current liquor licence in respect of which Court fines of between €632 and €2,500 were imposed;

And there were three cases involving the obstruction of a Revenue officer, which resulted in Court fines totalling €2,800.

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