Sadly Society is gone Barking Mad, what a Bizzare Charge? Sadly the Dog cannot make a Statement? Maybe a Dog Whisperer would assist. This is a criminal offence: Bestiality.

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Dublin woman to face trial accused of having sex with Rottweiler dog

June 17 2021 04:17 PM

A 29-year-old Dublin woman is to face trial accused of having sex with a Rottweiler dog.

Interim reporting restrictions preventing the media from identifying the accused were imposed when the bestiality case came before Dublin District Court today.

The woman is accused of a single offence contrary to section 61 of the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act.

The charge states it is alleged she committed an act of buggery with an animal, a mixed breed dog, which was part Rottweiler.

It allegedly happened at her home address on a date in December 2019.

Directions from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) were obtained and within the last month she was charged.

She was granted station bail and the case had its first listing at the district court today.

She did not have to attend the hearing due to Covid-19 restrictions in court, but she had instructed a solicitor to be in court.

Evidence of her arrest and reply to charge was furnished to the court in a document. None of the facts about the allegation were given during the brief hearing.

Judge Treasa Kelly was told the DPP has directed trial on indictment. This means the case is to be sent to the circuit court which has wider sentencing powers.

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