Well said Jim, and please make Sure all the Monies Collected goes Directly to our most Vulnerable. Sadly other Charities are run by Gangsters?

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I saw plight of homeless people when my mother took refugees from the North into our home in 1967,’ says Jim Sheridan

Director joins host of stars in support of yearly fundraiser Rock Against Homelessness

Jim Sheridan at the Olympia Theatre. Photo:
                  Fergal Phillips
Caoimhe Barry of Wyvern Lingo will perform in
                  Rock Against Homelessness on Sunday. Photo: Fergal

Jim Sheridan at the Olympia Theatre. Photo: Fergal Phillips  


June 18 2021 02:30 AM

Oscar-nominated director Jim Sheridan said he saw first-hand the plight of homeless people back in the 1960s as his mother used to offer their home as a refuge.

Speaking about his reasons for getting involved in independent.ie’s Rock Against Homelessness fundraiser on Sunday, he said it’s always been a cause close to his heart. “I suppose the first incidence I had of homelessness was when my mother had all the refugees from Northern Ireland in our house back in 1967,” he said.

“That was when we lived in Seville Place and I became a Co Down fan as a result. I used to be shouting ‘Up Down’ at the TV. So that was my first experience of homeless people I suppose, even though it was temporary.

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