While the People of EIRE Struggle, look below at these Shower, the Entitled. Charities CE’s too. Don’t forget to add expenses, bonuses, perks, and pensions. Where is the Irish Charities toothless Regulator? Found out where suicide should not be the opt out.

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May be an image
        of 23 people and text that says 'GENEROUSLY ANGELA FIONNUALA
        McLOUGHLIN LOUGHNAN Rehab Enable Ireland Cancer Socety ISPCC
        Irish Wheelchair Assoc. €234,000 EAMONN €145,679 €145,000
        Trocaire MATT ENGLISH Special TRL €144,000 KIERAN FERGUS
        Barardos €136,496 COLM O'GORMAN Amnesty €125,000 GERRY Alzheimer
        Society €125,000 ROBIN VEBSTER Action €125,000 TIM CLARKEN
        €115,000+ PETER IRETON Bothar €111,711 TOM KIRLEY Gorta €110,099
        PADRAIG MALLON ÛhGu €110,000 RAY JORDAN fHelp Africa €102,915
        DOMINIC MacSORLEY Concern Under 100k €90,000+ SHARON FOLEY BARRY
        ANDREWS Under €100k JONATHAN IRWIN €85-100,000 DES KENNY Blind
        Ireland €99,220 ROSAMOND BENNETT Christian €95,000 €89,616

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