A Two Tier Covid-19 Society…….especially when one considers that as many as 450,000 approximately of the 60-69 year old people have had the 1st dose of the AZ/Oxford vaccine and the academics appear to be suggesting that they urgently receive their second dose but from Pfizer or Moderna (MRNA). Delta and possibly Deltaplus are fast becoming the dominant strain. Already so in UK, Portugal, India). Our politicians have a duty of care – they failed when people were released from hospitals to care homes with COVID-19 causing many health hardship and worse again death. Now surely they must act or else Delta will invade targetting the 60-69 450,000 people with one dose only.

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May be an image of 5 people, people standing and text
        that says 'GRAMMY'S @PanAdmin EUROS YOU ASCOT'

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