At last we have a Perjury Law, some Rogue Gardai should get out now? Many people down the years have been Stitched up by Gardai Committing Perjury?

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Fantastic news the Criminal Justice Perjury and Related 2018 Bill of Ireland was signed into law by President Michael D Higgins this morning. Now let us go after the Guards who lie under oath just to get convictions on innocent people. Guards should not lie in court they are supposed to be the very people that we could trust, but unfortunately so many of them are liars, but with the new law they can get between 7 and 10 years for just misleading the courts, now you can as well it is a double edged sword.

But I am delighted because I know a few Guards who are now heading to prison, they cannot change their stories so they will be at least found guilty of misleading the court in my cases, and maybe the DPP will get caught in the trap as well. Oh I am happy today with this news, I personally will get the bastard who for 6 years have destroyed my life and almost killed my wife with his lies, I am coming after him big time. Yes no mercy for him and his colleagues. They lied in every way they could.

Even the worst criminals are entitled to a fair and honest prosecution, if the Guards can only get a successful prosecution by lying then they are being criminal themselves, and there will always be a doubt their convictions, there has to no doubt in any conviction. We should have Guards who are well educated and ones who can prevent and detect crime if we had that they would find themselves with our support and respect, but liars and fools disgust honest people.

Go on now if a Guard lies about you in court go get him sent away. Yesterday the Guards in Limerick were very confused by the justice minister and the Garda Commissioner about telling them to use discretion when dealing with publicans who are breaking the law by selling alcohol outside their licenced premises, isn’t that just great the Minister for Justice and the Garda Commissioner encouraging the publicans and the general public to break the law and for the Guards to ignore them. Its a great day go on get a Guards lying, but be careful and watch the corrupt Judges finding a way out for the lying Guards.

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Above not written by Fred but is taken from Facebook

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