After 25 years, a Major Twist here? Jim Sheridan makes a Formal Statement to Gardai, after Alleged New Evidence comes to light. This is getting most Interesting. Why now?

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Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder: Gardaí probe new ​testimony​​​​​​

Sophie Toscan du Plantier

Sophie Toscan du Plantier  


June 27 2021 02:30 AM

Gardaí are investigating new information relating to the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier that was  passed on to them by film director Jim Sheridan.

The information is from Marie Farrell, a former shopkeeper in Schull who was once the gardaí’s key witness in the murder probe but whose evidence was later discredited.

Mr Sheridan, who has made the documentary Murder at the Cottage: The Search for Justice for Sophie, about Ms Toscan du Plantier, confirmed last night that he has given a statement to gardaí about the new information.

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