This unsolved Murder has gripped the Irish Nation, and in particular France, as the death is about the murder of a French woman but in Ireland, for over a Quarter of a Century

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Man on mission Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s son vows to never stop pursuing Ian Bailey over mum’s murder

“I have fought like a dog for years,” says Pierre Louis.

Sophie Toscan and her son Pierre-Louis Baudey-Vignaud
              in 1990

Sophie Toscan and her son Pierre-Louis Baudey-Vignaud in 1990

June 27 2021 06:52 PM

The son of Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s has vowed to never stop pursuing Ian Bailey –  the man he’s certain battered his mother to death in 1996.

The murdered French filmmaker’s only child, Pierre Louis, also reveals in the new Netflix documentary, Sophie: A Murder in West Cork, that he has psychically seen Mr Bailey twice when he visited Ireland and that on one of those occasions the controversial writer recognised him.

The same three-part documentary series – which airs this week and goes head to head with Jim Sheridan’s Sky series on the same subject – Murder at the Cottage – also carries testimony from several of Sophie’s friends, who reveal she personally knew Mr Bailey despite the Englishman claiming he never met her.

Sophie’s son Pierre Louis

Sophie’s son Pierre Louis

Mr Bailey was recently convicted in his absence by a court in Paris of murdering Sophie and was sentenced to 25 years – the Irish legal system refuses to extradite him.

“I have fought like a dog for years,” says Pierre Louis. “I suffered for years. My conviction for the past 15 years is that everything points to Bailey. Everything, everything, shows that it’s Bailey. There’s no question.

“I won’t let it go. I won’t leave him alone. It’s clear he killed her. The judge said it.”

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His hatred for Bailey is clear in the programme.

“I’ve seen Bailey at least twice, he recognised me one time,” he says. “He’s convinced himself of his story, but I have no empathy, None. Just the feeling of having seen a void.”

He stresses: “What happens next I don’t know. If Bailey continues to slip though the net, I assure you I will make sure the net comes down on Bailey.”

Mr Bailey claims that he never met Sophie.

“I didn’t know her, in as much that I had never met her. But I had seen her once, when she was pointed out to me by a neighbour,” he remarks. “I had never met her, I had never been introduced to her, I had never spoke to her.”

But one friend tells the documentary that Sophie had confided in her that she was due to meet Mr Bailey, who also called himself Eoin and who wrote newspaper articles and poetry.

“It may have been the first night she was in Ireland. A few days before my birthday, she called me and we talked about everything,” she recalls. “At a moment in the conversation, where she was talking me about her work, she told me about this man.

Ian Bailey insists he did not kill Sophie

Ian Bailey insists he did not kill Sophie

“This man wanted to meet her to talk about a project, around poetry, and she found him strange. She found him a bit worrying as a character. I said: “Don’t see him alone, see him in a public place.”

Sophie’s friend and fellow filmmaker Guy Girard tells a similar story.

“This story affected me, really,” he reflects. “I thought she was talking about a Breton director, who had a similar sounding name. “So, I said to her ‘oh yes, I know him. I’ve seen this film, that film’, She said: ‘No, you can’t know him.’

“‘Eoin Bailey lives next door to me in Cork’. She told me that he earned a living as a writer, that to say he’s a journalist or a poet, and he was interested in stories of domestic violence.”

‘Sophie: A murder in West Cork’, is available to stream from this week on Netflix

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