Remember the Blue Shirt Heavy Gang of the 1970’s, now we have the Fianna Fail, Stasi Police Force. Where is Sinn Fein? See Below FT weekend magazine. Surveillance explained and frightening intrusion already in place and we know so little about it.

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        of text that says 'Darragh Adelaide @Taiwo_Oifigiuil @Taiwo Good
        time to highlight that the Garda Representative association
        wants to make it illegal to film gardaí And the government is
        currently working on a bill that would mean 5 years in prison
        for not handing over your phone password to gardaí 11:49 a.m. 28
        Jun 21 Twitter for Android 7 Retweets 1 Quote Tweet 86 Likes
        Darragh Adelaide @Taiwo_Oifi... ·36m Also: parties who voted to
        extend *emergency* powers for gardaí after it was shown that
        they used powers to target poorer areas, not to actually protect
        people from the virus'

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