Martin and his Lack of Leadership; not only has Split FF into Bitter Inner Groups, but Split the Entire Nation. The Irish People are Crying out for Strong Leadership, not Muppets, and Soundbites?

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‘Enough is enough,’ chant anti-restrictions marchers

 3rd July 2021

More than 300 people joined a demonstration in Dublin yesterday against public health restrictions.

Chanting “No More Lockdowns” and “Enough is Enough”, they marched from the GPO on O’Connell Street to Government Buildings on Merrion Street.

Speakers addressed the gathering at the beginning and end of the demonstration, with calls to resist the introduction of a “Covid Pass” for indoor dining and international travel.

The peaceful protest was organised by two Dublin women who invited support on social media.

One organiser, a 38-year-old mother of three, said there should be no discrimination against people who choose not to get a Covid vaccine.

She will not accept a vaccine, and said she would not be able to join her family indoors in a restaurant to celebrate her birthday if a vaccine pass is introduced by the Government.

A 36-year-old mother of two who addressed the crowd at the GPO criticised the existence of Nphet as an unelected body that was usurping the role of the Government.

She said a two-tier society of the vaccinated and unvaccinated was being created and people were suffering “medical apartheid”.

Placards and Tricolours were carried by some of the demonstrators, with calls to disband Nphet and the slogan “Hey Tony, Leave Our Kids Alone”.

Sisters Rosanna and Megan Barr told the Sunday Independent they had travelled from Mullingar, Co Westmeath, for the “Enough is Enough” demonstration.

Mother-of-four Rosanna (35) said she lost her job with a company that organised hen parties, a victim of the pandemic. She said people who did not accept the official approach to Covid were having their views suppressed.

Her sister, a 30-year-old mother of one, said: “There is no way I would take the vaccine. I am young and healthy and I believe I have a 99pc chance of surviving if I get Covid, but I do not want to risk suffering side-effects from a vaccine.”

They travelled to Dublin with their friend, Meabh (34), who claimed the population is being “bullied” by the Government.

She said it is failing to give the public sufficient information on ways to boost their immune systems. She also criticised the media for being “one-sided”.

Following the march and more speeches outside Government Buildings, the protesters dispersed.

Nearly half the adult population are now fully vaccinated against Covid-19, HSE chief executive Paul Reid has said.

New figures released yesterday show 48pc of adults (1.8 million people) have received two doses of the vaccine, while 68pc (2.56 million) have had a first dose.

It comes after the Government announced a number of new measures aimed at boosting the vaccination roll-out in a race against the more transmissible Delta variant.

Mr Reid said Ireland must plan for Delta with “concern” but with “a level of confidence also”.

He tweeted: “Almost 4.3M vaccines administered. Over 2.56M adults partially vaccinated (68%) & over 1.8M (48%) fully vaccinated. Over 55,000 administered on each of the last 4 days, & over 272,000 so far this week.”

Public health experts have said a system must be devised to allow only vaccinated people inside pubs and restaurants because of the threat posed by the Delta variant.

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