Leo is the King of Spin and Alleged Leaks are that he is running Rings around Michael; even Marc MacSharry would Agree

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May be a Twitter
        screenshot of 3 people, people standing and text that says 'Leo
        Varadkar @LeoVaradkar @geoghegancllr James Geoghegan's focus
        better quality of life & your family. his father two young
        boys with baby on the way, isan advocate within Govt for more
        affordable housing and childcare, home ownership, better
        transport and environment bernadette Gorman @bergormanlowry 30m
        For the first time since the campaign, the Blue shirts have
        block council flats. Cynicism!! photo opp mallaidh nicearbhaill
        @Mallaidh77 16m yeah noticed Probably the first time either of
        them have been near any council flats aswell. Smith @Mozzer2015
        Ever mallaidh nicearbhaill @Mallaidh77 Replying others
        @Mozzer2015 @bergormanlowry and they probably googled what they
        were first.'

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