RTE,s No 1 Family are back, Posh Joshua, Convicted Drug Dealer must Await his Fate until September??

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Sentencing of Joshua Allen on cocaine possession charges adjourned for two months

  4 hrs ago

Joshua Allen, the eldest son of famous television chef Rachel Allen, has had his sentencing for cocaine possession adjourned until September.

The 21-year-old, who is the grandson of Ballymaloe founder Myrtle Allen, was found to be in possession of €280 worth of cocaine by Judge Alec Gabbett on May, 20 after a lengthy hearing at Midleton District Court in Cork.

Joshua had been attending an outdoor party in Cork last summer when he was approached by Gardai who witnessed him attempting to conceal a plastic package in long grass.

In court Thursday, Judge Joanne Carroll adjourned Joshua’s sentencing for two months, saying that Judge Gabbett must deal with the sentencing as he had been the one to hear the evidence during previous sittings.a girl sitting on a wooden bench: Joshua is the son of famous TV chef Rachel Allen . Pic: Supplied© Provided by Evoke.ie Joshua is the son of famous TV chef Rachel Allen . Pic: Supplied

Det Garda Kieran Crowley previously told the court that after responding to a noise complaint on July 10, 2020, at Midleton’s Pontoon, he found 40 young people gathered there.

Det Garda Crowley said that he saw a young man, who had been chatting to two females, walk away from the crowd and discard a plastic item in long grass.

Although he admitted the area had been dark, Det Garda Crowley said he had been able to identify Joshua using a flashlight. He said that he had searched the grass and recovered a bag containing a white substance.

The bag was later taken in for forensic analysis and it was determined to be cocaine with a street value of €280.Rachel Allen et al. smiling for the camera: Joshua Allen cocaine charges© Provided by Evoke.ie Joshua Allen cocaine charges

Recalling Joshua’s behaviour on the night in question, Det Garda Crowley told the court that the young man has been ‘very pleasant and very calm.’ He said Joshua co-operated with Gardai but denied that he had thrown anything into the grass.

Taking the stand in the previous hearing, Joshua said he had not been in possession of cocaine and that Det Garda Crowley had made a ‘big mistake’

Judge Gabbett said that Det Garda Crowley was a ‘very experienced garda’ who ‘saw what he saw.’

In court Thursday, Judge Carroll was told that a Probation and Welfare Service (PWS) report has now been submitted to the court for consideration. The case was adjourned for sentencing until September 2nd next.

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