When you Think your Safe in your own Home, eating your boiled Egg, Bang?

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Person taken to hospital after car collides with house in Dublin 7

 14 hrs ago

TWO FIRE ENGINES attended to a collision in north Dublin this morning after a car hit through the wall of a house.a car parked in front of a brick building© Dublin Fire Brigade

One person has been brought to hospital following the incident off the North Circular Road in Dublin 7.

A car collided with the wall of a house, breaking through and moving partially inside the building.

Two fire engines, including an emergency tender that carries special equipment for rescues, and an ambulance attended the scene around 8.30am.

Dublin Fire Brigade said that the property was stabilised and that the area was made safe.

In a statement to The Journal, Dublin City Council said that “three units were mobilised including an emergency tender and ambulance from Phibsborough fire station”.

A vehicle had hit the wall of a house and the property was made safe by firefighters,” it said.

One person was removed to hospital and the dangerous buildings section of Dublin City Council also attended the scene.”

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