Wonder where this former Bluffer is Tonight?

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OSctpattornondbSaisera 30morel, 20d1m9Stu  ·
Martin Callinan and David Taylor with the assistance of other senior Garda management Ass Commissioner David Sheehan, Ass.Commissioner John Twomey, Ass. Comm Noirin O Sullivan, Ass. Comm. Derek Byrne, Ass. Comm. John O Mahony etc. committed the following offences in relation whistleblowers and people in Ireland and none have ever been prosecuted, why? Because their closeness with corrupt political appointed DPP officers.
Breaches of peoples Human Rights under the ECHR
perverted the course of justice
Incitement to hatred
Abuse of Power
Obstruction of Justice
Breached of section 62 of the Garda Siochana Act 2005
Breached the official secrets act
Misfeasance in public office
Bullying in the workplace
Criminal Damage- destroying evidence
Trespass to persons- recklessly inflicting emotional suffering
Breached a duty of care in relation to employees
Conspiracy to commit a crime
Complicit in crimes
Attempted intimidation
Breach of the Health and Safety Act
Corrupt Criminal Martin Callinan, David Taylor etc. has never been arrested, questioned, charged or their houses searched despite committing these extremely serious crimes and offenses, why ???????????

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