If anybody with common sense took Sinead O’Connor seriously; they definitely would be in need of rehab. Sinead now has found yet another career, in her own head, she is Ireland’s greatest Journalist not forgetting she has left the Priesthood and joined Islam hence the veil. Maybe next year it is possible Sinead could become a Born Again Hippy. Who knows? Ian Bailey has not been convicted of any crime in the Republic of Ireland. He should not have met O’Connor but that is his business. The Sunday Independent should answer one question: What about the young and upcoming young graduates who need the experience and job in journalism (those who have ambition, no money or status and who are trying to get on the property ladder) – this is such a hard struggle for them. Yesterday, Sinead portrayed Ian Bailey on the front page of the Sunday Sindo as a pathetic drunk (too many photos). Sinead showed no compassion and she above all people should look at her own scrapbook about her life and contributions to society.

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FILE - In this Oct. 5, 2014 file photo, Irish singer Sinead
        O'Connor performs during the Italian State RAI TV program
        "Che Tempo che Fa", in Milan, Italy.


Murder suspect Ian Bailey claims Sinead O’Connor told him to go into rehab – but he told her ‘no, no, no’

  • 7:30, 19 Jul 2021
  • Updated: 18:45, 18 Jul 2021

IAN Bailey has claimed that Sinead O’Connor told him to go into rehab — but he told her “No, No, No”.

The chief suspect in the 1996 murder of the French woman Sophie Toscan du Plantier said the singer offered him the advice following their high profile meeting last week.

Ian Bailey has claimed Sinead O'Connor told him to go to rehab
Ian Bailey has claimed Sinead O’Connor told him to go to rehabCredit: Alamy
Sinead O'Connor had a traumatic meeting with Bailey last week
Sinead O’Connor had a traumatic meeting with Bailey last weekCredit: Getty

Just hours before an interview ran in a Sunday newspaper, Bailey claims he received a late night text from the Nothing Compares 2 U singer telling him he needed to get treatment.

Bailey told the Irish Sun: “Sinead texted me saying .. ‘You are your own worst enemy. You need rehab more than any human being I have ever met. You dislike yourself so much, it’s killing you’.”

The songwriter turned journalist made the rehab demand after a traumatic meeting between the two last week.


Sinead told the Irish Sun that Bailey had started out charming but became “quite aggressive, quite threatening” after he hit the booze.

Bailey, who emphatically denies any involvement in the Sophie murder, strongly denies Sinead’s version of events.

The 64-year-old last night also dismissed Sinead’s demand he go into rehab.
Bailey told the Irish Sun: “No,No, No. Sinead is wrong. I’ve been under so much pressure in the last few weeks with the two documentaries, breaking up with my partner and trying to find a new place to live — but I will get through.

“There’s a reason why my latest collection of poetry is called A John Wayne State Of Mind and one of the poetry works is called I Remain Calm In The Eye of The Hurricane”.

The poet and woodcarver revealed how Sinead’s high-profile interview had inspired new female attention for him at yesterday’s Schull Sunday Market in Co Cork.

Bailey told us: “I have a lot of support from young ones who are under 20s.”

And he said that he had “no interest or intention” of reacting to Sinead’s weekend interview with him, which he slammed as “quite petty”.

Writing about Bailey in her interview, Sinead said: “He gives an interview — clearly designed to disrespect his ex, Jules Thomas — about many ‘ladies with big bosoms’ contacting him now he’s single.

“Is he a metaphorical kamikaze of Trumpian proportions? Or, like Trump, is his behaviour just too stupid not to be clever?”

“It makes me wonder: does this geezer have an undiagnosed condition?

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