The Chinese “Queen of Green Grass” in Ireland, she makes Millions. Did she get her Passport yet (through that legislation for special immigration for the wealthy Chinese in 2011). Yes the Green one, must ask Charlie Flanagan? Fred is not a “Buyer” Why?

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Ireland’s cannabis ‘Growhouse Queen’ target of Garda raids with designer goods and €20,000 in cash seized

Designer bags seized in the raids. Picture:
Cash seized in the raids. Picture: Gardaí
A fur coat seized in the raids. Picture: Gardaí
A designer bag seized in the raids. Picture:

Designer bags seized in the raids. Picture: Gardaí

July 16 2021 06:54 PM

Ireland’s cannabis ‘Growhouse Queen’ was the target of a series of raids in Dublin by the Criminal Assets Bureau.

Sources say the woman is considered a major player in organising cannabis cultivation and supply across the country.

Gardaí seized designer handbags, electronic devices and more than €20,000 in cash after raiding two properties in Dublin 1 and Dublin 15 on Wednesday.

Today, CAB also froze funds worth €238,000 held in bank accounts as part of the investigation.

The operation was carried out by CAB with the assistance of the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) and local gardaí attached to Store Street and Blanchardstown Garda Stations.

Three searches were also conducted at professional premises at locations in counties Meath and Dublin during the probe.

A source said the target of the raid was a woman who is one of the top controllers of a network of lucrative cannabis growhouses throughout the country.

The Chinese national – dubbed the ‘Growhouse Queen’ – has been living in Ireland for a number of years and has become a major target for gardaí investigating the sale and supply of herbal cannabis.

Gardaí have previously raided growhouses in Dublin, Mayo and Cork which have all been linked to the woman

In a statement, a garda spokeswoman said cash, designer handbags and documents were seized by officers.

The haul includes €16,245 in cash, designer handbags and clothing – including the brands Moncler, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Hermes.

Gardaí also took possession of £3,280 in sterling, electronic devices and documentation in relation to financial and property transactions

The garda spokesman said enquiries are ongoing.

“As a result of further inquiries, CAB have also restrained funds totalling €238,000 in relation to this investigation, on today’s date, Friday 16th July 2021,” the spokesman said.

“This investigation is focussed on the assets of an individual suspected to be involved in the cultivation, sale and supply of controlled drugs through a network of cannabis grow houses.”

Fred says “I need no designer handbags” and I don’t smoke cannabis but this woman from China has made herself a Queen of Fake and Smoke in the land of Eire. The question is who are the buyers? They are ever bit as guilty as the Queen of Fake and Smoke.

A mother living in Ballymun has five children in care. A careworker visits her. She is distraught because the State prevent her seeing her children. Her partner, he too is a drug addict. Their description. They smoke crack cocaine two days each week, they smoke Heroin three days a week; then they have the jellies at all times ie benzos but what do they have everyday? Yes…it is the Grass ie cannabis. People believe cannabis causes no harm but the truth is it can be an introduction to hard drugs; it can act as waiver to severe anxiety but it is a facilitator to an underworld where so many people suffer as a consequence, especially children.

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