Ian Bailey fears French secret service may attempt to abduct him from West Cork. Ian Bailey is a man Suffering Daily, so Let the Gardai start by opening up the “Cold Case into the murder of Sophie du Plantier”; let them do the Groudwork, and Wait and see what Conclusion they come to. The French Secret Service Versus the Gardai. We can never Forget the Murder at the Cottage, and many People, especially Sofie’s close family members and friends are Suffering for decades now; however we must include Ian Bailey who has been found guilty in France (of Sofie’s Murder in Cork, Ireland) in absentia and sentenced to 25 years in prison there. Sophies Murder must be Solved. Commissioner Harris – you have the power to open up this cold case. Why not?

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Mr Bailey was convicted of the murder in his absence at a 2019 trial in France, but was not extradited from Ireland after the court case where there was insufficient evidence to proceed with the case. The DPP at the time questioned the performance of An Gardai Siochana and their inability to create a proper crime scene, and how they lost as many as 20+ items for evidence purposes, and to influence the only witness who had an alibi that kept changing like the wind. The DPP Stated there was no Evidence. Fact

Ian Bailey at Schull Farmer's Market , West Cork
Ian Bailey at Schull Farmer’s Market , West Cork (Image: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision)
The French Secret Services: A History of French
        Intelligence from the Dreyfus Affair to the Gulf War: Porch,
        Douglas: 9780374529451: Amazon.com: Books
But we're still waiting for Inspector Clouseau -
        Washington Times

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