Ian Bailey sold out of John Wayne, State of Mind, Books written by Ian, is keeping a Low Profile in West Cork, he has no plans for Serious Dating for the present, amid all the Rumours of Wedding on Ghost Ships. Women seek him out on Facebook and Twitter ensuring that he is a busy Man.

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Ian Bailey spends week away from Cork home of ex lover Jules Thomas as her daughter gets married

  • 8:00, 25 Jul 2021
  • Updated: 10:55, 25 Jul 2021

SOPHIE Toscan du Plantier murder suspect Ian Bailey spent a week away from the home of his ex lover Jules Thomas as her daughter got married.

The artist had said that she had wanted Bailey to move out of her house in Schull, Co Cork, ahead of the wedding last Thursday.

Ian Bailey pictured with former partner Jules Thomas
Ian Bailey pictured with former partner Jules ThomasCredit: AFP – Getty
Ian Bailey went on book tour instead of wedding
Ian Bailey went on book tour instead of weddingCredit: Alamy Live News

But poet Bailey had ­difficulty securing alternative ­accommodation so the 64-year-old went on a week-long book tour promoting his poetry instead.

However Bailey claimed he would have snubbed an invite to the nuptials between Jules’ ­daughter Virginia and her fiancee ­Killian in any case.


Bailey told the Irish Sun: “Had I been invited, which I wasn’t, I would have turned down an invitation.

“But I like Ginny and the guy she married, Killian, a great deal. They are a lovely looking couple.

“They got married at The Prairie, and as far as I’ve heard it was a lovely big family wedding but I wasn’t there.”

Artist Jules, 70, along with her three daughters — including bride Virginia — and grandchildren attended the wedding with family friends.

Bailey — who has always denied any involvement in the murder of French woman Sophie Toscan du Plantier, who was killed in Schull in December 1996 — ­continues to deny claims that his former partner’s daughters had refused to visit while he remained living there.


Bailey insisted: “I get on extremely well with Jules’ children and grandchildren.

One of them, brought down and set up a laptop for me to watch Jim Sheridan’s documentary, ­Murder at the Cottage: The Search for Justice for Sophie . . . so we all get on.”

Meanwhile Bailey has played down any talk of romance between him and Northern woman Amanda Teague, who made previously headlines worldwide after she wed the ghost of a dead pirate.

Ms Teague later divorced her spectral hubby in 2018, claiming she needed an exorcism after their relationship turned sour and he “possessed” her.


Bailey said: “I know nothing about this woman other than she asked if she could start up a petition Justice for Sophie and Ian. We did chat on video twice, and spoke four times in total. We are not dating.”

However the journalist said he continued to get a lot of attention from other women online, but added: “I won’t be getting drawn into anything because I am too afraid of honey traps.

“No one is who they really say they are on the web and I’m not getting sucked in.”

The writer also claims to have sold out of copies of his latest poetry book — A John Wayne State Of Mind — but plans to pick up a new print run next week.

He said: “I do these impromptu readings where people just gather around. My books are flying.”

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