Sunday Sindo is Right in the Dock here, who now would go to the Paper or one of their Journalists with a Story, then to find out, they were Reported to the Gardai, Unbelievable. Ian Bailey naturally will Enjoy this News Limelight today in Schull. At least O’Connor in the paper this morning has Tried to Calm the Waters? What happened the Twitter? Now she has something she shares with the former President Trump who also was wiped … too hot to handle!

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Sinead O’Connor’s account removed from Twitter amid verbal spat with Ian Bailey

 26th July 2021

Sinead O’Connor’s account has been removed from Twitter after a series of verbal spats with Ian Bailey.

On Friday @magdadavitt77 appeared to have been deactivated with followers advised it no longer exists.

The Nothing Compares 2U singer had exchanged insults with Bailey, 64, since interviewing him about the 1996 murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier.

The two met up in Glengarriff in West Cork for an interview which was published in the 53-year-old’s column for a Sunday newspaper.

Both took turns since its publication a week ago to hit out at one another before the bitter row ended abruptly on Friday.

Bailey told a daily paper the pair met up to discuss his poetry but O’Connor retaliated on Twitter claiming he was “lying his face off”.

She said Bailey was of “Lilliputian intelligence” and claimed he had “met his match in terms of media prowess”.

She tweeted: “First lesson for Ian Bailey if he were to go to finishing school (which I’d highly advise) would be the following… in order to appear believable on the big stuff, it is unwise to be daily telling lies about the little stuff.”

O’Connor later uploaded a video of herself impersonating Bailey in which she said: “The horrible lady.Sinéad O'Connor standing on a stage: Sinead O'Connor performs at August Hall© Getty Sinead O’Connor performs at August HallIan Bailey wearing a hat: Sophie Toscan du Plantier© Collins Courts Sophie Toscan du Plantier

“She plied me with drink. I didn’t know what I was saying. What a terrible lady. What a terrible journalist. What terrible, terrible questions. She kept giving me drink. She lifted my hand and forced it down my throat. Poor me.”

Bailey claimed O’Connor had bombarded him with abusive text messages and labelled him a “sleeveen of a devil-worshipping maggot” and a woman hater.

He said he was going to publish his own essay about the meeting entitled How I Met The She Devil.

Earlier this week O’Connor said she had arranged with gardai to hand over unseen footage of her Bailey interview.

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