According to the Irish Post, this Feud is not over. Where from here? Rumours and Gossip coming in from Cork is an Eye Opener. A woman from Tipperary has offered Ian Bailey a gift of a Horse, to be confirmed? Imagine Bailey the Duke riding the Hills of Schull?

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Sinead O’Connor’s Twitter account disappears amid war of words with Ian Bailey

SINEAD O’CONNOR’S Twitter account seems to have disappeared amid a war of words with Ian Bailey.

The singer had been notably active on the site over the past week as she sparred with Bailey in the wake of an interview between the two.

But O’Connor has now gone quiet, with a message on Twitter saying her account, @MagdaDavitt77, no longer exists.

It is not clear whether O’Connor has deactivated her account or if it has been shut down.


The increasingly bizarre feud between the singer and the suspect in the Sophie Toscan Du Plantier murder case began after O’Connor interviewed Bailey for her Irish Independent column.

Bailey said that O’Connor wanted to turn his poetry into songs, a claim the singer refuted on Twitter.

Then Bailey rejected O’Connor’s claims that he was frightening when drinking and suggested the singer was trying to get him drunk.

O’Connor also said Bailey panicked when she quizzed him about Miss Toscan Du Plantier’s murder, while the Manchester-born journalist claimed O’Connor urged him to go to rehab. ADVERTISEMENT

The increasingly volatile exchange then saw O’Connor take to Twitter to say the gardaí were watching Bailey and his “devil mouth”, while he fired back that O’Connor was a “she-devil”, adding that she also called him a “devil-worshipping maggot”.

While O’Connor’s Twitter account has disappeared, her Irish Independent column appeared as normal today in which she again discussed the fallout from the Bailey interview.

Despite O’Connor’s Twitter disappearance, it doesn’t sound like we have heard the last of this feud.

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