Many People Judge others Harshly, never looking in the Mirror at Themselves; for example Ian Bailey? All you hear is about his big Ego, so would these High Priests in Schull Explain to me, how Bailey had no problem working as a Scarecrow and in a Fish Factory when he came to West Cork in the late 1980s? Let us get some Equity of Balance here? A little Humility comes to mind here?

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Disillusionment with journalism led to move here
          ‘for a different life’

Thu, 06 Nov, 2014 – 00:00 Ann O’Loughlin UP DATED BY FRED BASSETT 29 JULY 2021.

Mr Bailey told how he was enchanted by West Cork and met his partner Jules Thomas there.

The 57-year-old began giving his evidence at around 3.30pm yesterday and told how he first became interested in journalism after reading the book, All The President’s Men.

He said he did some reporting on school events and five years training with a man who ran a news agency in Gloucester before he set up a similar service in Cheltenham after he moved there in 1979-80. He married another journalist in 1979 and that lasted four years, he said.

In 1986, he was invited by a friend to meet a man in West Cork and did a report. “I was enchanted by West Cork,” he said. He returned to England but went back to Ireland a number of times and made a lot of friends.

About 1990, he was becoming “somewhat disillusioned” with journalism and decided to move to Ireland “for a different life,” he said.

Friends in Kilmacthomas gave him a job as a “walking scarecrow” that involved getting up at dawn and taking a shotgun out to the fields to scare crows from ruining the barley.

He was trying to write songs but they “kept coming out as poems” and he wrote a trilogy of poems, the Preachán Trilogy, which he later performed. He said that material was taken away when he was arrested.

After leaving Kilmacthomas in late 1991, he got work as a foreman at a fish farm in West Cork. He met his partner Jules Thomas while there.

Jules is Welsh and his mother is half-Welsh, he said. They became friends and later lovers and have been partners for many years, he said. His long-term plan was to return to journalism and he had in 1993 worked with Earthwatch magazine in Bantry. He also started to write stories for local papers including the weekly Southern Star and the Skibbereen Eagle.

He also got involved in writing a script for a community film project. He had approached then arts minister Michael D Higgins, about funding and got money from the department and from local businesses. David Puttnam was patron of the project and it was screened in 1995.

Mr Bailey will resume his evidence.

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