Another link, but nothing to do with Ian Bailey? Son of Sarah Limbrick (they married in 1979 and parted four years later) sent to Broadmoor, for Raping and Killing his Great Grandmother?

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Teenager who raped and murdered his great-grandmother sent for tests

A FORMER private schoolboy who admitted raping and killing his 93-year-old great grandmother was yesterday sent to Broadmoor for tests.Sat, 05 Mar, 2005 – 00:00Helen Morgan

Jamie Limbrick, 19, previously pleaded guilty to the rape and manslaughter of Marjorie Davis in September 2003.

The pensioner’s body was found in her farmhouse in Forge Lane, Upleadon, near Newent, Gloucestershire, on September 3, 2003.

The property, owned by Gillian and Malcolm Limbrick, Mrs Davis’s daughter and son-in-law, had been badly damaged by fire.

Bristol Crown Court heard yesterday how “fantasist” Limbrick suffered from severe personality disorder.

Mr Justice Owen made a 12-week interim hospital order under the Mental Health Act, meaning Limbrick will now be detained and assessed at high security hospital Broadmoor to decide his final fate.

The court heard how Limbrick had been staying at an outbuilding of the Upleadon property at the time of the killing.

His grandparents were on holiday in Spain when Limbrick, then 17, came home in the middle of the night and watched a porn film.

Patrick Harrington, prosecuting, said the “sexually aroused” teenager failed in his attempts to find a sheep to satisfy himself before waking his elderly relative.

She was raped, killed, apparently strangled and the house was then set on fire.

Limbrick then allegedly withdrew £250 from Mrs Davis’s account.

Mrs Davis’s charred remains were found the following morning by firefighters and an examination of her body linked the attack to her great grandson.

The teenager is a son of Sarah Limbrick, first wife of journalist Ian Bailey.

Mr Bailey was awarded 8,000 in damages against The Sun and The Mirror newspapers in January last year for publishing unsubstantiated reports that he had assaulted Ms Limbrick.

The damages arose from a two-week libel trial in December 2002 in which the former journalist claimed press reports in a number of newspapers linking him to the 1996 murder of French woman Sophie Toscan du Plantier in west Cork were defamatory. However, Cork Circuit Court Judge Patrick Moran rejected the claim, which formed the substantive part of Mr Bailey’s case.

That decision has been appealed to the High Court and is awaiting a date for hearing, while Mr Bailey is also facing a civil case by the family of Ms du Plantier.

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  1. I knew Jamie , Total nut job . He also admitted to us that he had sex with a goat before he did the above crime .


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