Derek Hutch returning to the Inner City, will Raise Tension, and Threats to Lives…………

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Under ‘severe threat’ – Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch plans to move back to north inner city after jail release

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch

Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch

July 29 2021 03:46 PM

Notorious killer Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch has indicated he plans to live in the capital’s north inner city after his planned release from jail on Saturday.

This means that a major security plan will be put in place for the gangland criminal as the threat level against the senior Hutch criminal is officially classified as “severe.”

It emerged today that ‘Del Boy’ was officially warned of an active threat against his life when gardaí visited him in Wheatfield Prison last Friday and offered him detailed security advice.

The threat is from the Kinahan cartel who have already murdered his brother Gary, uncle Eddie, and cousins Gareth and Derek ‘Coakley’ Hutch.

Sources say he now plans to live back in the neighbourhood where he grew up and terrorised people for years before being locked up.

All the information is that ‘Del Boy’ is not coming out of jail a reformed person and his release is definitely going to lead to an increase in tensions and gardaí have to be ready to deal with that,” a senior source said.

“He is a dangerous and volatile criminal who is more than capable to attempt to seek revenge for all that the Kinahan cartel have done to his family.

“The fact that he has indicated he is moving back home means that extra armed patrols will be deploy in the area especially as the threat on him is severe,” the source explained.

‘Del Boy’ Hutch (35) is in the closing days of a 16-year sentence he received in 2012 for his role in an armed raid in May 2009 in Lucan, west Dublin, during which his pal Gareth Molloy was shot dead by gardaí.

There are major fears that ‘Del Boy’ will inflame his gang’s feud with the Kinahan cartel which has led to 18 murders including but none since January, 2018.

He has served lengthy concurrent sentences for offences including manslaughter, robbery and firearms offences and has been far from a model prisoner after getting into a number of scrapes behind bars.

While Saturday is his expected release date, senior sources say that he may be released early from Wheatfield Prison, perhaps on Friday night, because of the threat against him.

“He is still due to walk out on Saturday but that may change and it could even happen in the very early hours of Saturday morning,” the source said.

Del Boy’s release is happening only around a week before another notorious gangland killer walks free from Portlaoise Prison.

Brian Rattigan (41) has indicated he plans to move back to his family home which is in Drimnagh and this means that Crumlin gardaí will also be drawing up a special policing plan.

Unlike Hutch, Rattigan has not been given a GIM form by gardaí warning of an active threat against his life but there are also serious concerns for his safety.

Gardaí are investigating reports that Rattigan may be planning to move to Spain after he attempted to organise a passport for himself for his release.

“Spain may be even far more dangerous for Rattigan than Dublin. He might best advised to stay put,” a senior source said today before dismissing claims by the criminal who has been locked up for over 17 years that he is a “changed man.”

“Gardaí in general would be very sceptical of this – he was a crazy coked up criminal with a huge propensity for violence before he got locked up. It’s hard to see that he has changed,” the source added.

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