Simon Coveney: You have insulted all the academic women with Degrees across the length and breadth of Ireland by Telling them they are not sufficiently qualified for this job. This is some insult to every academic feminist, especially the aspirants in this country. Sadly you were backed up by Martin who was totally clueless as to the planning that was going on between you, Leo the Leak and New York based Ms Zappone, the leading light for rights for the LGBT in her new job, as Coveney stated. Again I ask – there are so many “Straight” women who are highly qualified but yet Cronyism takes over yet again. This will not be forgotten. At least Timmy Dooley (FF) said: Zappone should walk away now. Enough said.

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‘There’s no wrongdoing here’: Katherine Zappone defends Dáil travel expenses

Zappone said the route she uses is the fastest and most efficient in terms of saving time.

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INDEPENDENT TD KATHERINE Zappone has defended her travel and accommodation expenses after an article today suggested she may be claiming more money than she is entitled to.

The Sunday Times reports the former senator stands to earn €80,000 over the next five years from these expenses as she claims to live more than 25km from Leinster House. The paper, however, reports AA’s Route Planner puts the distance at less than 22km.

Zappone was previously questioned about her travel and accommodation expenses as a senator and speaking to today she said “nothing has changed”.

“All my expenses incurred as a public representative are filed within the rules of the Oireachtas. I’m operating within the rules.” After trying several routes between my house and Leinster House, I found it to be the fastest and most efficient in terms of saving time.

The newly elected TD added that she was “very vigilant” when it comes to the rules of the Oireachtas and is “keenly aware” of the importance of value for money.

“It is the shortest practicable route,” she said.

The TD for Dublin South West, tipped for a ministerial position when a government is eventually formed, said today she was “interested in the timing” of the story.

“There’s no wrongdoing here, so I don’t think there’s a story.”

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