These Brave Frontline Workers feel badly let Down, they dont have the Zappone Bullshit Connections.

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May be an image of 2 people, people standing and text
        that says 'We Worked thru the Pandemic With no vaccine now they
        want to FIRE US! ast years HEROS This years UNEMPLOYED NOT'
I know back when all this was going on, about the Hero’s and frontline workers being essential, coupled with the dance off videos I said when they serve their purpose they’ll be cast aside. However, not all, but the vast majority of them sold humanity out and enjoyed the “adoration” even though they where not deserving of it, at the expense of humanity, they played along to get along. Few, had the moral virtue to come forward during this time and speak out, but most kept silent. Those who knew this was a sham and played along, may you live a very long life, long enough to live daily with the shame of what you placed upon humanity, especially when as a medical professional you took on a profession to do no harm and to be there for humans who needed healing and care.

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