The Muppet Show runs Ireland through a Crisis into a Deeper Crisis! Now Donnelly is deemed a Hero because of the success of the vaccination programme (Matt Cooper TV3 interview; Mr Lee the Daily Mail). But what lies ahead. Post Pandemic Traumatic Disorder is a good place to start but we have a staffing crisis in our health services as qualified doctors and nurses choose to leave Ireland for better conditions and pay in the US, Australia, Canada, with a crisis in mental health especially. This team will need to remain focused.

Many People Judge others Harshly, never looking in the Mirror at Themselves; for example Ian Bailey? All you hear is about his big Ego, so would these High Priests in Schull Explain to me, how Bailey had no problem working as a Scarecrow and in a Fish Factory when he came to West Cork in the late 1980s? Let us get some Equity of Balance here? A little Humility comes to mind here?

, Thu, 06 Nov, 2014 – 00:00 Ann O’Loughlin UP DATED BY FRED BASSETT 29 JULY 2021. Mr Bailey told

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