No Comment for now, in the Heartland of the Healy-Raes, the High Kings of Kerry?

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No comment from Healy-Rae over video appearing to show pub breaches

Danny Healy-Rae at his bar in Kilgarvan, Co
                  Kerry, where a wedding party of almost 40 people not
                  wearing masks were pictured together

Danny Healy-Rae at his bar in Kilgarvan, Co Kerry, where a wedding party of almost 40 people not wearing masks were pictured together

August 06 2021 02:30 AM

Outspoken TD Danny Healy-Rae has remained silent on a video appearing to show Covid-19 breaches in his pub just weeks after almost 40 people were pictured together in the Kerry premises.

Yesterday a video was published on social media showing people without face masks and not socially distanced inside the Jackie Healy-Rae Pub in Kilgarvan.

The footage, first revealed by Radio Kerry’s current affairs programme Kerry Today, also shows people dancing on tables and a number of males with their tops off.

Punters are also seen on each other’s shoulders, while one woman appears to be dancing with Danny Healy-Rae outside the bar.

However, the Kerry TD has failed to publicly comment on the video since it emerged.

Mr Healy-Rae also declined to respond to the Irish Independent when contacted about a separate gathering at the pub last July 16.

An image posted on social media shows a wedding party of almost 40 people posing for a picture at the counter of the pub.

The patrons are not wearing face masks and not socially distanced in the photo which also shows Danny Healy-Rae behind the bar counter pouring a pint. This is despite Fáilte Ireland guidelines stating that face masks should “be worn at all times by staff and customers except for when seated at a table”.

It is understood that a family wedding took place in Kerry that day with the ceremony and reception hosted at a different location. Danny Healy-Rae’s son Johnny, a local councillor for the Kenmare area, did not respond to requests for comment by the Irish Independent.

He previously told RTÉ that the family were aware of the video of the gathering at the pub and were looking into the circumstances of it.

In the video, multiple customers are seen swinging their T-shirts over their heads while dancing on chairs and tables. Others are seen sitting on people’s shoulders while singing. The pub appears crowded and customers can also be seen ordering drinks at the bar, which is also in contravention of public health guidelines.

It is unclear when the sequence of short videos was taken, but it is believed to have been in recent weeks.

Deputy Healy-Rae has long been critical of Government policy on indoor drinking and dining, urging the Government on numerous occasions to trust publicans to open their doors fully to indoor dining and drinking.

The Kerry TD recently said that publicans had been “thrown to the wolves” by latest Government guidelines on indoor dining released by Fáilte Ireland.

He also questioned the Data Protection implications of contact tracing and the inspection of Digital Covid Certificate as people enter pubs or restaurants.

“If you ring up about someone’s medical card or something, there is a huge rigmarole about Data Protection, but now there’s no bother in the world.”

He called the vaccination pass inspections “totally, absolutely ridiculous”.

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