Ian Bailey, the Playboy of the Western Sea Front, from Ghost Ships, to John Wayne and the Horse Suspect; Bailey was never Charged with any Crime in Ireland, and certain People in Schull should Shut up, with their Bitter Backstabbing. Innocent until Proven Guilty not “the bouquet of evidence”, the description given by Lara Marlowe relating to the French system of Justice. “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” is our system based on old English Common Law which is centuries entrenched as a legal system which filtered through their colonies worldwide.

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Murder suspect Ian Bailey back on the dating scene after splitting up with partner of 25 years Jules Thomas

  • 7:00, 10 Aug 2021

IAN Bailey is back out dating again after splitting up with his long term partner Jules Thomas.

The self-confessed murder suspect has admitted going out with at least two different women that he met on Facebook.

Ian Bailey is back on the dating scene following split from long term partner Jules Thomas
Ian Bailey is back on the dating scene following split from long term partner Jules ThomasCredit: Alamy

Bailey, who denies killing French beauty Sophie Toscan du Plantier, said: “ I have a lot of women contacting me via Facebook who would like to meet me.

“We chat online and then if we like each other we send each other pictures.
“I have gone out with two on official dates. We arranged to meet for dinner and drinks, and it’s all good fun.

“It’s nice to get back to some sort of a normal life again after everything that has happened.

“I just want to clear my name. These women believe my story and know I am innocent.”

Bailey, 64, said none of the romances are serious, it is just a question of getting to know a few new people.


He and renowned painter Jules were together for over 25 years.

She dumped him a few months ago and he is still living in a room at her home outside Schull, West Cork.

Jules still believes in his innocence and refuses to kick him out and make him homeless.

The eccentric Englishman last night told the Mirror and the Star that he is now very close to finding himself a new home in the area.

He has three different options and hopes to move in by the late Autumn
Bailey says he has no plans to shack up with another woman for a long time.

He added: “ My private life is my business.”


Bailey also said he is not in the least bit worried after a witness came forward and made a fresh statement about the case to the Gardai a few days ago.

The elderly man who Bailey knows and also lives in the area claims a person told him that they washed blood off clothes the day after the murder on Christmas Eve, 1996.

It is believed the man was a friend of Sophie’s.

It is understood Sophie previously told him before she died she was planning to move back to Ireland because of complications with her life in Paris, and that she and her husband Daniel were about to split up.

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