Barry, bless his soul, only Murdered a fellow human Being, then Cut the Body up, by Chainsaw, and into a Suitcase, dropped into a Dutch Canal, but No Problem, says Vicky, Barry is Misunderstood, he is really a big gentle Panda, and the people of Ireland Love him???

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Wife of chainsaw killer Barry McArdle holidays in Netherlands after high-security jail visit

Vicky poses with chainsaw killer Barry on her
                  visit to Holland.

Vicky poses with chainsaw killer Barry on her visit to Holland.

August 10 2021 11:49 AM

The family of chainsaw killer Barry McArdle enjoyed a tour along The Netherlands’ famous canals after travelling there, where wife Vicky got to pose for a prison snap with her man.

Vicky is pictured smiling as she enjoys her trip, understood to have happened earlier this summer so she could visit her new husband Barry in a high-security jail in Amsterdam.

His mother Pamela McArdle, mother-in-law Pamela Smyth and three children accompanied Vicky, who now goes by her Irish name Victoria Mhic Ardghail, for a tour of the city and its stunning waterways.

She later visited McArdle in jail where he is serving 13 years for his role in the killing of Irishman Keith Ennis, whose dismembered remains were discovered in a suitcase in a canal on the outskirts of Rotterdam in 2009.

Vicky, who lives in Oranmore in Galway, has firmly stuck by her man despite his role in the grisly crime which took years to solve.

Ennis was slashed with a knife, decapitated and his body was cut up with a chainsaw.

His head was stashed in a suitcase, and parts of his upper and lower body were stuffed into plastic rubbish bags which were all found floating in the canal a week after he was reported missing.

McArdle’s DNA was found on a chainsaw stashed in a cupboard in an apartment which co-accused Philip County had shared with Ennis.

Despite the gruesome details of the case heard in a Dutch court, Vicky says McArdle is just ­misunderstood and really just a ‘teddy bear.’

She has posted gushing messages of love on her social media sites and published a snap of her with him behind bars along with a message: ‘My love… Who says miracles don’t happen.’

McArdle and his pal Kenneth Brunnell were arrested by gardaí on foot of extradition warrants 10 years ago.

They denied they had anything to do with the killing and said they had been on holidays and had just stayed in the apartment.

County was convicted of mutilating and ­disposing of the body and served two years, while McArdle and Brunnell got 13 for manslaughter. They appealed the sentences.

McArdle remained in Ireland and even ­married Vicky while he was wanted in The Netherlands.

Gardaí eventually tracked him down to Galway where he was living as a happy family man and he was sent to Holland to serve his time.

After their wedding Vicky said: “You all think Barry is this big bad wolf but let me tell you he’s not. He’s a little soft teddy bear and that’s being honest. He is not the monster you make him out to be.”

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