The People of Oliver Bond Flats Deserve better then this; this is a Danger to Children and the people who have to live in these Flats. Never Forget the Kinahans were born and Reared in Oliver Bond.

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Residents of flat complex say rat infestation ‘gone beyond a joke’ as Dublin City Council ‘taking no action’

  • 22:16, 4 Jun 2020

RESIDENTS of a Dublin City flat complex have complained that their building is overrun with rats and are finding the rodents in their bedrooms, common areas and cars.

The people living in the Oliver Bond complex in the south inner city have brought the issue to the Dublin City Council but the problem is continuing.

 The Oliver Bond complex in Dublin City has been overrun by rats (Stock Image)
The Oliver Bond complex in Dublin City has been overrun by rats (Stock Image)Credit: Getty Images – Getty
 Resident of the complex Lynette Lyons said she thinks the problem is the location of the bins (Stock Image)
Resident of the complex Lynette Lyons said she thinks the problem is the location of the bins (Stock Image)Credit: Alamy

Lynette Lyons, one of the hundreds of residents living in the complex spoke to Newstalk about the massive infestation.

She said: “The rat infestation has just gone beyond a joke.

“We’re consistently contacting the DCC giving them our complaints, and no action is being taken.”

Lynette described seeing the rats “all day, every day” and said that the children can’t even go out and play because the rats are “running across [their] feet.”

She added: “My dad also lives in the complex, and a neighbour knocked on my dad’s door last week to tell him there were two huge rats on his window ledge.


“We can’t even open up windows.”

She said that people have become so used to the rats being around because they’re out during the day time “playing chasing with each other.”

One resident Peter Graham said he caught 14 rats in his flat before having to replace the kitchen.

Another resident Janet Walker who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease said that she is now on oxygen 24 hours a day because of the stress.

She added that her son will no longer sleep in the home after finding a large amount of rat droppings in his bed one morning.


Lynette said that she thinks the infestation is due to the location of the bins and that there aren’t enough bins for the residents of the complex.

She explained that the residents have tried to contact the city council but to no avail.

She said: “They’re telling us it’s not their issue that it’s the HSE and then the HSE are telling us no, it’s the Dublin City Council.”

Lynette continued, saying that the council have said they don’t have the funding to bait the flats and that money is being used to replenish the gardens along the quays.

She said that it “just doesn’t make any sense” that money is being used for the gardens when there are other main issues that need to be addressed.

The Dublin City Council released a statement saying it was aware of the issue and they are “actively dealing with it.”

A survey conducted last year shows that the rats had eaten through brickwork in manholes and managed to bypass trap gullies on the roadways.

The Council said that the warm weather and the drop in the number of people outside are factors contributing to the “large increase in the number of rats coming up from the pipe networks and onto the streets”.

They added that the area is being baited daily but that pest control firms “can no longer use the stronger pesticides used previously because of changed regulations”.



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