The New Divided Ireland, thanks to Leo the Leak, Forget the Idiot in Red, she is not Relevant, but the People of this Country, deserve Respect, ask Fianna Fail, they backed Merrion Gate to the Hilt?

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May be an image
        of 2 people, people sitting and text that says 'we need to get
        our story straight for the peasants ffs do we have to answer to
        those common folk ?'
May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'Madser
        Mc @Madser666 Dad passed away while he was on a hospital waiting
        list. At his funeral we had to tell family members they couldn't
        attend & we had to go home alone to grieve with no gathering
        afterwards to celebrate his 87 yrs on this earth.I'm disgusted
        at #MerrionGate @LeoVaradkar #ResignLeo 8:22 11 Aug 21 Twitter
        for Android'

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