Total Rubbish, you cannot Be Convicted on West Cork Gossip, especially from a Dark Figure like the Gent who is Alleged to have made the Statement to Bantry Gardai. The French look at the Gardai in Cork as total Idiots, yet our Gardai pay Homage to the Arrogance of Napoleon Code, and and we all know what happened at Waterloo. Well said Jules, Never even met the Gossiper.

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Ian Bailey’s ex-partner hits back at new ‘bloodied clothes’ clue as ‘total rubbish’

 12th August 2021

Ian Bailey’s ex-partner says a man’s claim to gardai that she told him about cleaning “bloodied clothes” is total rubbish”.

In recent days a man has come forward to gardai claiming a woman once told him she had helped clean bloodied clothes in the aftermath of the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier in Schull, West Cork in 1996.

We can now reveal that the woman who the man claims said this was Jules Thomas — the then partner of murder suspect Ian Bailey.

However Ms Thomas has emphatically denied the man’s claims and insisted she doesn’t recall even speaking to him.

“I heard about it and I don’t know where he’s coming from but I have no recollection of saying anything at all to him because I didn’t really know him.

“I don’t know why he’s doing this. I haven’t a clue. It’s total rubbish,” she said.

Ms Thomas, who maintains her former partner’s innocence, says she read about the claims this week — and insisted there never were any bloodied clothes to speak of in the first place.

“Total rubbish. Absolute rubbish. I mean it’s so far-fetched I can’t take it on board really.

“There weren’t any bloodied clothes anyway,” she said.

And Ian Bailey has also dismissed the claims.

The man who made the claims about Ms Thomas is understood to have given a three-hour interview to gardai last week.

Mr Bailey told us last night that neither he nor Ms Thomas have been approached by gardai about this to date.

“They haven’t and I wouldn’t expect them to,” he said.

Recently Mr Bailey has made headlines for saying that he’s gone on dates with numerous women following his breakup with long-time partner Ms Thomas earlier this year.

We asked Ms Thomas what her opinion was on her former partner going on dates and informing the papers about it, to which she said yesterday: “His life is his own and that’s it.”

Earlier in the week Mr Bailey said he had been chatting to women online and that he has gone on two dates since his very public split with Ms Thomas.

“I have gone out with two on official dates. We arranged to meet for dinner and drinks, and it’s all good fun.

“It’s nice to get back to some sort of a normal life again after everything that has happened. I just want to clear my name. These women believe my story and know I am innocent,” he said.

The murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier has made headlines over the last number of weeks due to the emergence of two major documentaries about the infamous killing.

Mr Bailey was convicted in a French court of the murder in his absence, and maintains that he is completely innocent of the crime.

Both documentaries explore Ian’s claim that scratches on his hands and arms the day after the murder were obtained from cutting down a Christmas tree.

They also explore his claim that a cut to his forehead was caused by killing a turkey that same week.

Explosive claims by witness Marie Farrell once put Bailey directly in the frame after she identified him as the man she saw wandering at a bridge near Ms Toscan du Plantier’s home on the night of her murder.

Earlier in the day she said she had seen that same black-coated figure appearing to stalk the French woman in key evidence that was taken extremely seriously by gardai.Death of Sophie Toscan du Plantier looking at the camera© PA Sophie Toscan du Plantier

However, in the years that followed, Ms Farrell retracted her claim — and said it was not Ian Bailey she had seen, but someone else.

Following the release of the Netflix and Sky documentaries, Ms Farrell is now understood to have come forward with new claims as to the identity of the man she saw.

Ms Toscan du Plantier’s family remain steadfast in their belief that Mr Bailey is responsible for her death.

Recently they issued a statement welcoming the elderly man’s statement to gardai about his alleged conversation with a woman about blood-stained clothes.

Alain Spilliaert, the lawyer for the Justice for Sophie campaign in France (ASSOPH), said: “This is a major new statement.

“We look forward to other developments within a short time.”

And Sophie’s uncle Jean Pierre Gazeau said: “This statement is of the highest interest, and I will be seriously following the further developments.”

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