Another Scandal may Surface here?

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Dublin homeless charity suspends employee as inquiry launched over ‘serious matters’

14th August 2021

A DUBLIN HOMELESS charity has suspended one of its employees and has appointed a senior counsel to examine “serious matters” which the board have been made aware of.a person sitting at a park: File photo© Sam Boal via File photo

In a statement this evening, the board of Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) said that in recent says “serious matters have come to the attention of the board”. 

“We immediately initiated an investigation and commenced an independent process which we expect recommendations from shortly,” ICHH’s chairperson David Hall said. 

“In the interim, we have suspended an employee and the use of a separate service provider.”

The board has also moved to appoint an independent senior counsel, Mr Remy Farrell “to fully evaluate issues of concern”. 

The Charities Regulator has been contact in relation to the matter. 

“The board is mindful of the vital role our team of volunteers and staff play in the daily lives of those sleeping rough in Dublin,” Hall said in the statement. 

“We are grateful to them and our wider network of supporters,” he said. 

“We as a board will continue to take whatever steps are necessary at this time to protect and enhance the invaluable work of the organisation and the welfare of all service users.” 

ICHH was founded by locals in Dublin’s north inner city in 2013 as a response to Dublin’s growing homelessness crisis. It provides outreach services to people experiencing homelessness. 

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