When the Fianna Fail Backbenchers dont have the Balls, to ask the MerrionGate Questions, Paddy is offering a Reward for the list of Names of the Elite Gobshites, who Dinned with Iron Knickers and Leo? Here is one name, Ivana the Entitled Party?

Posted by
May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that
        says 'Paddy Cosgrave Update: @paddyc... 4h Doubling all rewards
        for pictures or videos from #MerrionGate €5k now €10k €10k now
        €20k €2.5k now €5k Same rules apply. Deadline is next Friday.
        DMs open or create an anonymous Proton account & email me 2d
        Paddy Cosgrave @pad... €5,000 for photos or videos from
        #MerrionGate identifying 5 or more yet unnamed guests €10,000
        for identifying 10 or more ye...'

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