Polish Criminal Thug maybe back in Poland, on the Run from a Irish Arrest Warrant; he was in Custody in Poland, but Granted Bail, and of course Fled? Longford Feud has links to the Drogheda Bloody Feud also.

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Criminal goes on the run in Poland following Garda crackdown on Longford feud

  15th August 2021

A criminal involved in feuding in Longford, who was arrested in Poland earlier this summer in order to be extradited back to Ireland to face serious charges, has been granted bail — and is now on the run.

The 26-year-old-criminal is facing charges of producing a weapon during a fight — a black metal bar with a bolt attached to it — as well as several counts of handling stolen property. These offences all took place in Co Cavan.

Separately, the young criminal has already been charged with 14 offences in Co Longford, mostly linked to handling stolen property. He is also wanted for questioning in connection with an assault on his partner in Cavan, as well as harassment of the same woman.

“This man is a serious and violent young criminal, involved in feud activity in Longford,” a senior source explained. “He knew he was facing numerous charges in Ireland, so he fled back to Poland.

“He was tracked down after a European Arrest Warrant was issued. Unfortunately he was granted bail, and didn’t show up for his next court date. He went on the run, and we don’t know if he’ll be found again.”

The Polish man is linked to one of the warring gangs in the Longford feud,which has seen two families waging war against each other in a series of arson and gun attacks. 

Apart from drug dealing and feuding, some of the criminals are suspected of involvement in organised prostitution. 

There has been a major garda clampdown on the activities of the main players in the feud, and the Criminal Assets Bureau has already seized cars and property belonging to criminals on both sides.

Efforts to dismantle the property empire of one of the gangs has been ongoing for almost two years.

Because of the garda clampdown on their activities, there have been few feud incidents in Longford this year.

A policing plan was put in place in February of last year after a two-year-old girl was lucky to escape with her life when shots were fired through a front door, as she innocently played in a hallway of the property.

Days earlier, an innocent family were terrorised when shots were fired at the same home in the Edgeworthstown area of Co Longford two times in the space of just three days.

Under Operation Stola, gardaí have cracked down on gang activities in Co Longford, with armed officers deployed.

In May, the main player in the bitter feud was arrested on suspicion of deception and money-laundering involving more than €100,000. 

The arrest followed a lengthy investigation by Longford gardai and CAB into a number of suspicious bank loans and property transactions over a four year period.

This suspect (46) cannot be named for legal reasons, because he is facing serious charges before the courts. But senior sources describe him “as a violent individual who has access to firearms”.

“He is the brains of a particular faction in this feud and has had no problem displaying trappings of his ill-got wealth,” a senior source said.

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