Fianna Fail Leader TD Micheal Martin said “Everybody is entitled to Peace & Security within their home” in response to the couple of protesters outside the home of Minister Harris. Does this also apply to the working class who bailed out the banks but are now being evicted from their family homes by said banks and/or vulture funds. Or does this rule only apply to Ministers who we are informed in the weekend newspapers will be making 500 million euros available to builders to encourage them to build the homes we urgently need. Vulture Fund Thugs at Work below???

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Fred puts on his wisdom hat: Why Eviction conjures such horrors in the Irish psyche; we are a very young Nation: it is our centenary. This is what drove us to seek our indepedence.

Post Famine eviction photographs show how merciless British landlords were (source IrishCentral)

Tenants protected their homes with thorny shrubs, boiling water and cow dung to try and prevent their evictions.

Frances Mulraney @FrancesMulraney Mar 27, 2017 Police use a battering
        ram to forcibly evict a tenant c. 1888. Police use a battering ram to forcibly evict a tenant c. 1888. National Library of Ireland

The Irish Land War was an organized campaign of civil unrest in Ireland that lasted from the 1870s until the 1890s. It was called a ‘war,’ and there were violent incidents and deaths during the campaign, but the Land War, led by the Irish National Land League, was essentially a non-violent movement of tenant farmers with the aim of resisting the landlords’ efforts, backed by the British government, to evict tenant farmers who were struggling the pay the ever increasing rents.

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