As they said a Cornered Rat, the Monk, the Grey hair, the Bumbag, then the Handcuffs, Where from here, for the once Invisible Monk.

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Cornered rat Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch wore a bumbag as he had dinner with blonde woman before dramatic arrest

EXCLUSIVE: Hutch had been living a hermit-like existence since news emerged of a European Arrest Warrant out for him in April 2021.

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Fugitive crimelord Gerry Hutch was wearing a bumbag and “typical foreigner” sandals when he was finally arrested by Spanish police last week, the Irish Mirror can reveal.

The Monk, wearing a face mask, was arrested inside a restaurant on Thursday as he had dinner with a blonde woman in the Costa del Sol resort of Fuengirola.

We can reveal that Hutch, 58, had been living a hermit-like existence since news emerged of a European Arrest Warrant out for him in April over the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel.

Cops from the Guardia Civil’s Central Operative Unit (UCO) had actively been tracking him since the previous month at the request of gardai.

In March, a meeting had taken place in Spain between senior gardai and the UCO, which is tasked with hunting down all on-the-run criminals within Spain’s borders.

Gerry Hutch

Following this, UCO operatives went to Lanzarote, where Hutch has a holiday home, but discovered he had bought a flight to Malaga.

The flight was due to return to the Canary Island in April, only for Hutch to vanish once news of the arrest warrant for him leaked.

Assisted by gardai, the Spanish learned the Monk had a “trusted support network” in place in southern Spain and began carrying out surveillance on all of them

Over a period of some weeks, they noticed that all of them had separately visited a particular apartment building at No 2, Constitution Square in Fuengirola.

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch being arrested in Spain

A unit was detailed to carry out surveillance on the building and officers watched as a known female associate of the Monk turned up.

Further inquiries also revealed that the household bills for one apartment at that address were being paid for in cash at banks and post offices.

Suddenly, on the afternoon of his arrest, the Monk emerged from the building.

Sources close to the investigation told the Irish Mirror that Hutch looked like “a cornered rat” and was acting “extremely nervous”.

One said: “He came out, very nervous, looking all around him like he expected to be jumped.

“He went from one side of the street several times to see if there was anyone following him and constantly doubled back in the same way in which he had come.

“He spent around five minutes walking around and then turned and went straight back to the apartment building.”

Hutch later emerged at around 7pm and then walked in the same nervous manner to a nearby restaurant where his female associate was waiting at a table.

The source said: “There was no attempt at disguise. His hair was grey and cut short and he wasn’t wearing sunglasses or a hat or anything.

He had on a khaki green-type t-shirt, dark shorts and those open-toe sandals all the foreigners wear when they’re on holiday in Spain.

“He also had something that looked like a yellow wristband to stop mosquitos biting you.”

When Hutch arrived at the restaurant and was given a menu by the waiter, Spanish police decided to move in.

Arrests of serious criminal fugitives would normally be carried out by members of the Guardia Civil’s Swat-style Grupo Antiterrorista Rural (GAR) unit, who carry submachine guns and wear bulletproof vests and balaclavas.

Spanish Police compound in Malaga, Spain where Gerry The Monk Hutch is being held after his arrest in nearby Fuengirola

However, officers feared that startled customers might panic if the GAR unit went in, allowing Hutch to flee.

Instead, a plainclothes cop in a red t-shirt entered the restaurant and showed Hutch his ID, while another officer approached from behind, put a hand on his back and grabbed his arm to handcuff him.

Five more cops then flooded into the restaurant to overpower him.

The Monk was then taken into the loos to be searched and checked for a weapon and sat waiting on the toilet while cops examined his belongings.

The source said: “He never opened his mouth during any of it. He just sat there, not saying a word.”

Eventually, Hutch was brought outside in cuffs as drinkers from nearby terraces looked on, along with a Garda liaison detective, now wearing his official Garda jacket.

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