More Evictions in the next Month by Pepper, the Vulture Funds??? God bless Michael Davitt???

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Twenty people ruled in contempt of court for failing to leave two Dublin properties

Judge has ‘considerable sympathy’ for occupants, court hears

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Aodhan O’Faolain

August 14 2021 02:30 AM

A High Court judge has held that 20 people who have lived for several years in two Dublin properties are in contempt of court due to their continuing refusal to leave the properties.

Mr Justice Mark Sanfey said he had considerable sympathy for the occupants of 31 Richmond Avenue, Fairview, and 21 Little Mary Street, Dublin 2.
While court orders must be complied with, he adjourned the case to the end of the month.

By the time the matter returns before the court, he said, he wanted to see progress being made by the occupants in terms of moving on.

Last November, the High Court made orders in favour of Pepper Finance Corporation DAC requiring the occupants to leave.

Arising out of their failure to do so, Pepper has said it wants orders for attachment – arrest – of those respondents represented in court for the purpose of being brought before the court.

Businessman Jerry Beades is the registered owner of the mortgaged properties, both the subject of High Court possession orders in 2008.

The orders arose from default on loans made by IIB Bank and sold, respectively, to KBC Bank, Beltany Property Finance and, last August, to Pepper.

Pepper claims €2.3m is outstanding and, as a result of the possession orders, the occupants, who include a number of Romanian nationals, cannot rely on lease agreements between them and Mr Beades.

While some occupants claim to have paid rent over years to Mr Beades, there is no evidence, since the possession orders were made, that Mr Beades has paid rent to anyone, the court was previously told.

The judge noted the reluctance of the plaintiff to see action taken against the occupants, given the “unfortunate” position they have found themselves in.

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