From Former Leader of the Bugsy Malones over 45 years ago, to Millionaire, to being Arrested in Spain. If the Allegations stand up in Court, a very long Prison Sentence is what must be handed down.

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Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch ‘had more than one fake passport’, gardaí believe

Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch in 2015

Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch in 2015

August 18 2021 02:30 AM

Gardaí believe jailed crime boss Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch had used multiple fake travel documents as well as the Croatian passport he was caught with in Spain last week.

However, it remained unclear last night how many documents Spanish police seized from Hutch (58) after searching his hideaway in Fuengirola last Friday.


Hutch, who is being held in a high-security Spanish prison, faces being extradited back to Ireland over the Regency Hotel murder of Kinahan cartel gangster David Byrne in February 2016.

“He had definitely more than one fake travel document. This is an individual who had been travelling all around Europe and beyond for five-and-a-half years,” a source told the Irish Independent.

“This is an individual who has a wide range of criminal contacts throughout Europe.”

The Guardia Civil released footage yesterday of the moment Hutch was arrested as he sat in a restaurant with his wife in Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol.

He had been using his own credit card and bank account until recently, but stopped in April after he became aware the authorities were after him.

In a statement yesterday, the Spanish force described Hutch, using his nickname ‘The Monk’ and his initials, as a “dangerous” criminal wanted in Ireland to face charges for murder. ADVERTISEMENT

The Guardia Civil confirmed it had searched for him in the Canary Islands earlier this year, but lost track of him before intelligence pointed them toward the Costa del Sol. He was found in Fuengirola, near Malaga, where he was arrested on Thursday afternoon in a restaurant.

So far from origins of such poverty. Can you identify Hutch in this documentary of Sheriff Street, Dublin 1 in the 1960’s?

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