Some people hold a lot of Anger towards Ian Bailey, I ask Sheridan a Question, Bailey was never Charged in Ireland, DPP stated with total Clarity, no Evidence. The Gardai made a complete Fuck up of the Crime scene, you cannot Blame Bailey on that. Sheridan looks a very Bitter man to me? Why?

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Ricardo Pillarbox @Rickypillarbox7 · 3h Replying to @karldudester20@CountessBouvierand 2 others Sheridan estimates that he has cost the Irish taxpayer around €5 million in legal aid/unpaid court costs. He will never pay back his UCC degree finance and he has lived off social security. As an Englishman I can say he’s one of England’s worst exports.

Eldudereno @karldudester20 · Replying to @Rickypillarbox7@CountessBouvierand 2 others Not an ounce of humility and gratitude from @IanKennethBail1 . He spent his entire life in Ireland as a taker. Putting aside his crimes he is loser who scrounges off others.

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