The Irish People Bailed out the Bankers after the Crash of 2009, the coalition of Fianna Fail, Labour, and the Greens? Kenny was leading the Pack, then Martin the Lame Duck Denying it Happened, now 2021 we have the Vulture Funds Evicting people from their Homes? Stand up, get these Bastards out???

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Attacks on Mel Gibson for the Rothschild movie !!

Mel Gibson decided to hit the global New World Order agenda by directing a film about the Rothschild family.

What is the movie about?

🎬 About a family of bankers.

These bankers have indebted the entire world through organizations like the Bank of International Regulations and the

World Bank, and through global organizations like the United Nations, the CFR, the Bilderberg Group.
At every mention of the Rothschild family, the world’s media has already declared war on the director and wants to stop not only the production of the film, but to punish Gibson himself.

His courage is admirable!



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