This will Rock Dail Eireann and rightly so and especially the Politicial Party this TD is a member of. Many out there know who it is already, but the Omerta Rule Applies for now. The “Establishment” is on its knees again; first it was the Church scandals but this…this is in our time and is a heinous alleged crime.

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“Credible” allegations Well-known politician is quizzed on sexual abuse


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August 13 2021 03:00 AM

Specialist gardaí are carrying out a major sexual abuse investigation into a Dublin politician, the Sunday World can reveal.

The case is being investigated by garda officers from the Divisional Protective Services Unit (DPSU), which probes sexual crimes, at Store Street garda station.

The well-known politician has been interviewed by gardaí.

They have not been arrested as part of the investigation, which has been ongoing for around two months.

Gardaí are investigating allegations by two young males that they were attacked in a car by the politician.

The allegations are being treated as “credible” by gardaí at the present time and relate to alleged incidents in Dublin city centre earlier this year.

“Gardaí have spoken to this individual and he has been asked to give an account of what has been alleged,” a ­senior source told the Herald.

“There is a lot more work to be done on this case,” the source added.

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