The Irish People all Together have the Power to Stop this Abuse, a Police State???

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May be an image of one or more people, outdoors and
        text that says 'ExDebenhams Workers refused permission to
        retrieve their belonging SUPPORT THE DEBENHAMS WORKERS A FIGHT
rade Union Left Forum
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Debenhams have stopped former staff collecting personal property including money and other valuables, from their old lockers in the branch in Tralee.

On April 20th Debenhams announced without warning that they were sacking all employees.
The employees were locked out and could not empty there lockers or get personal belongings from their place of work.
In Tralee workers protested for over 400 days, in early May of this year, gardaí forcibly dragged protesting ex-staff from the road to clear the a path for liquidators’ agents to access and clear out the shuttered shop.
After the protest ended the former workers had asked the liquidators for permission to enter the store so they could retrieve personal items,
The liquidators have refused permission.
Landlords and employers have plenty of property rights backed up by Gardaí and private security firms.
Workers once again are left high and dry when push comes to shove.
Ireland is run in the sole interest of business.
The best little country in the world to do business in.

#Organise #FightBack…/debenhams-staff-told-they…

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