Last night, as in most nights, my partner and I go for a drive especially during this pandemic; we find it calming. The scenes last night in the City were nothing short of appalling especially with not a squad car in sight. We drove through most of South Dublin, through Baggot Street, the canal, Rathmines, Ringsend but the worst area by far was Camden Street. With night camera in hand there was in my humble opinion at least 2,000 people standing outside pubs on the path but also on the road, with pints and glasses, in their hands. Traffic was mainly taxis could hardly pass through the throngs of people. Of course I feel sorry for the Gardai; it is a very thankless job but last night it was obvious that one wrong word, one over Zealous cop and a massive riot was likely to happen so maybe the Gardai stayed away under orders. Yet, some southside squad cars have time to follow people who are just out for a drive. I have said this before and I won’t say it again. Viewing the crowds last night this COVID-19 variant called Delta will spread like wildfire. Dr Holohan CMO has also put on record that the gathering of the 48,000 in Croke Park for the Hurling Final is a worrying situation. We could be into a fifth wave. What we do not want in Ireland is for another mutation/variant but to be sourced here.

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You'd swear we won the World Cup last night hahah
        #mayaswellhave #ireland1-Germany0 #3am #outsidepalace

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