A Big Fall from the High Life for the Monk Hutch? Time now for Prayer and Reflection?

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See the source image

Inside the prison life of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch as he is held with jihadis and militants in Spain

The Irish Mirror can reveal no special additional measures are in place to prevent an attack on the 58-year-old by the Kinahan cartel

See the source image

Moment Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch arrested in Spain

Gerry “The Monk” Hutch is being held with jihadis, drug traffickers and ETA militants at a maximum-security prison in Spain.

The Irish can reveal no special additional measures are in place to prevent an attack on the 58-year-old by the Kinahan cartel.

Hutch, who was arrested on the Costa del Sol on August 12, will be released from Covid quarantine at Soto del Real jail near Madrid this week.

He will then move into a two-person cell with another prisoner in the intake module, where lags are held until they can be assessed and assigned a spot in the main section of the jail.

However, as it is not clear how soon Hutch could be off their hands, as prison chiefs have decided not to bother assessing him.

Instead, he will remain in the intake module at Soto del Real until his extradition hearing – even though that may be up to six months away.

Guardia Civil Released Footage showing the arrest of Gerry Hutch.

A prison source told the Irish Mirror: “Hutch is sort of in limbo. He can’t be assessed because he has no outstanding charge against him in Spain. And as he hasn’t been assessed, he can’t be moved to the main prison population.”
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This means despite Spain’s Guardia Civil branding The Monk “one of Ireland’s most dangerous criminal”, no such security label will apply to him behind bars.

Nor will there be any specific measures put in place to prevent an attempt on his life, even though the Kinahan cartel is known to have links to Spanish, Moroccan, Russian and Dutch gangs with members incarcerated in Spain.

The Irish Mirror understands Hutch has been behaving like a model lag.

The source added: ”He’s simply another prisoner. He has his breakfast, his lunch and his dinner and that’s it. He gets his daily exercise, but he can’t go to the tuck shop – he has to order what he wants instead and it’s brought to him.”

Meanwhile, the Irish Mirror can also reveal Croatian police are set to launch a probe into the genuine passport bearing Hutch’s photo which he was caught with when arrested.

Investigations revealed the Fraudulently Obtained Genuine Passport was issued in another Croatian man’s name by authorities in Zagreb.

FOGPs are highly-prized by criminals, as they are impossible to detect at airport passport control.

They are usually obtained by crime gangs corrupting individuals inside the state apparatus.

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