Leo orders Martin to send out Dad’s Army – the Elite “Deaf” Army Rangers, you know Ireland’s equivalent to the American Navy Seals… Who the F..k is having a Laugh here? Leo of Course, still in Hiding after MerrionGate?

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We have it now, these three fucks are looking to get back in the peoples good books.

They are now sending out the Army Rangers to Afghanistan to secure 36 Irish people trapped out there; these are the elite of the Irish Army. In case you didn’t know it these same Army Rangers are a sort of a secret society, they are spies, they join groups just to see what they are up to. They are well trained in their trade, just like some of the Guards. You may know them but you don’t know what they really do.

But our failing politicians are now pinning their hopes on these guys pulling off a spectacular show, but anything that they do will involve the British the French and The Americans. Each of these countries are talking about having to leave before they get their nationals out of Afghanistan. But just like the 10 Irish that have got out the remaining Irish are already in contact with the other countries that I mentioned, and it will be those countries that will secure the release of the remaining Irish not our politicians nor our elite army personnel.

But will you be fooled by the politicians once again, ah yes you will, well a lot of you will, you will say didn’t our government do well weren’t they great, I can hear it already, but if it sadly goes wrong who will you blame, I know you will ie our army not the politicians yes you will vote for them again why would you do that, well because you are ignorant and you are scared of change and you are easily brainwashed.

Let us hope and pray that they do not make a fuck up of this, there is lives at risk, and our politicians are putting those lives at risk for their own gain. Ireland is not ready to take on the Taliban they are not ready to take on Dads Army, but they are great at peace keeping. They just don’t have the equipment to fight wars. But our Politicians will reap the rewards if the Army Rangers do pull off something great, but please remember that the politicians live are not at risk

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