Massive Numbers of Friends, Neighbours, turn out to say Farewell, to Anthony Flynn. Well Done to all. May Anthony Rest in Peace, Away from the Gutter Irish Media and Press. Gardai again at the centre of a Leak…hope this will be examined judiciously and forensically by the coroner. Why? Some should hold their heads in Shame. Bless his Family in these dark and sad times for them especially.

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Anthony Flynn: Hundreds gather as campaigner and politician with ‘heart of gold’ laid to rest

25th August 2021

Friends and family of Cllr Anthony Flynn paid tributes as the “tireless” campaigner with a “gentle, strong heart” was laid to rest today.

The founder of Inner City Helping Homeless died suddenly on Wednesday leaving his north inner city community in shock.

Hundreds of people lined the streets as the funeral cortege for the 34-year-old homeless activist went past the family-run Lloyds Bar and the office of Inner City Helping Homeless.

The Independent councillor was described as a “tireless worker for his community, especially for the weak and vulnerable”.

Reading the eulogy at the funeral mass, Cllr Christy Burke said: “Anthony started it all by founding the Inner City Helping Homeless. It began by him sitting around a table, having an idea which he made a reality.

“He saw and listened and gave with all his heart to so many wonderful people in our city of Dublin and beyond.a man wearing glasses and looking at the camera: Cllr Anthony Flynn© Cllr Anthony Flynn

“A heart of pure gold, he made a mark on this world that will never be erased. And with the continued support of his family and friends his legacy will live on.

“He was a tireless worker for his community, especially for the weak and vulnerable, and went above and beyond for anybody who needed help.”

Cllr Burke went on to describe a night when Clly Flynn took his jacket off and put it around a woman “who was perishing in the cold in Temple Bar”.

He continued: “I was with him another night when he took his shoes off and gave them to a bloke who was lying on a cardboard box. I gave him two pairs of socks to put on because he wanted to continue with the remainder of the walk.

“That was Anthony Flynn. Never looked down on anybody only to help them up.

“He had something inside that was so strong that it was the constant thought of others, not him. No ego, nothing.”

Remember his uncle, nephew Callum said: “Memories of you will stay and we will remember them with happiness and joy. Our hearts are heavy as we say goodbye to you.”

In the book of condolences, one person described him as an “icon for the homeless community” grieving mourners heard at the funeral.

Cllr Flynn helped found Inner City Helping Homeless in 2013, a voluntary charity that provides outreach support to rough sleepers in the city centre.

He then became chief executive in 2019 before being suspended earlier this month over the allegations

He had been subject to a Garda investigation into alleged sexual abuse but had never been arrested or charged.

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