One has to Say, there is No Limit to this man’s Quest to becoming a Legend; as an Englishman in Schull and beyond West Cork. Bailey is putting West Cork on the Global Map, with his Straight Talking John Wayne tweets and poetry.

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WEST CORK: Ian Bailey joins twitter @IanKennethBail1

3 July 2021

A new Twitter account called @IanKennethBail1 has appeared recently. The name of the user is given as “Ian Kenneth Bailey” and the description is “I am a journalist, poet and legal academic, BCL, LLB LLM (UCC) currently living in West Cork and currently looking for a small place to live and write”.

The first tweet was on 10 June 2021 saying “I’m just a piece of driftwood bobbing in the tides of life and strife…waiting for the next crashing wave to break me or take me to a higher place”.

At the time of writing the account has 468 followers. Given that there are many spoof accounts on Twitter it’s never possible to know who is behind an account, but it has been reported in other media that the account does indeed belong to Ian Bailey.

The Twitter account includes pictures of Ian Bailey at outdoor Markets in West Cork.

Source: IanKennethBail1 Twitter page.
“Hi from Skibereen market….all the best….IKBO”

Source: IanKennethBail1 Twitter page. “Hi from a grey, flat but not saft Sunday Schull Market where I can be found in IKBO”.

Ian Bailey has been mentioned in much media coverage over the last month because two new documentaries have been released about the 1996 murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier. Nobody has been convicted in an Irish court of the murder of the 39-year-old mother of one Toscan du Plantier. Ian Bailey strongly denies any involvement.


One of the new documentaries about the 1996 Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder is Jim Sheridan’s “Murder At The Cottage: the search for justice for Sophie” on, while the other is Netflix’s “Sophie: A Murder in West Cork”.AREA: WEST CORKNEWS

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