Ireland thankfully we have a high rate of COVID-19 vaccine update but we must not forget that poor countries. Fear is a cruel driver of brutality in countries where there is little vaccine allocated. The WHO calls are attention to this Vaccine Apartheid.

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RT reports

SHOCKING VIDEO shows mob beating Indian doctor after death of Covid patient

Police in Assam, India, have arrested 24 people after a mob brutally beat a doctor following the death of a coronavirus patient. Video footage of the shocking beatdown went viral.

Dr Seuj Kumar Senapati was beaten with brooms, whips and even bedpans at a rural clinic in Assam earlier this week, the Indian Express reported on Thursday. Senapati, the Express reported, had been assigned to work in the clinic to treat coronavirus patients, one of whom died on Tuesday.

The mob which attacked Senapati was reportedly made up of family members and friends of the deceased patient.

Video footage shared on social media purportedly shows Senapati cowering on the ground as the enraged mob rains down blows on him. The person filming the shocking incident appears to be repeatedly telling the attackers to stop, to Dr. Kamal debnath @debnath_aryan · HCM @himantabiswa sir. Look for youself !! This is the condition of our FRONTLINE WARRIORS DOCTORS in ASSAM. We are bearing the burden of incompetency. @DGPAssamPolice @gpsinghassam @PMOIndia@assampolice@nhm_assam

no avail.

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