The RUC have never gone Away; many old “B Specials” Retired and moved to Canada maintaining low profiles for years on their British Pensions.

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The 1916 Societies condemn the now annual recruitment campaign for the RUC/PSNI in All-Ireland final programmes. This year they bring our native language into disrepute in their recruitment advertisement, the RUC/PSNI remain unacceptable in our communities. This is the same British police force impeding justice and covering up the murder of young GAA player Noah Donohue. #OneIrelandOneVote#RememberMyNoah

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and text
        that says 'LIERN If keeping people safe is second nature... Déan
        slí bheatha de. The Police Service of Northern reland S
        committed being representative community serve and welcomes all
        applicants interested in career policing.
        Applications open Autumn 2021 we Ci we lis we Deloitte. Police
        Se of Northern'

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